Digital Mike: Super Bowl trends toward national holiday

Super Bowl 48's countdown to kickoff is ticking quickly toward Sunday. Sports fans have plenty to chew over about the big game, but an equal number, if not more, can't wait for the TV commercials. Here's a sneak peak. Read on.

Game Day delivery

We've been blessed by some good games in recent Super Bowls, but that really doesn't matter if you like the commercials that dot your screen at every break in the broadcast. Here's a nifty site that touts its efforts to bring you some of the commercials early. I like it, only because I get a taste of the spots, but there's still enough mystery to keep me fixated on what's up next on TV. Give these a look and stop back in the hours before the big game as they land more information on what's planned. What's been your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

The eye of the artist


What's the canvas for your artwork? We all create artwork, if we step back and look. Sometimes it takes time to see and sometimes we have to look quickly or it will be lost. Here's one such artist, who I liken to the snow artist I featured last month. Andres Amador uses the sand of a beach to style and carve in his designs. And yet, they are gone at the next high tide as the splashing waves work their water across the grains. Look at this site and marvel. I'll bet you could try something similar in snow, sand or even a field of corn. See the art around us.

Inspiring list

Do you subscribe to a list of C.S. Lewis quotes or follow it on Twitter? It's good. A daily dose of inspiration, thoughtful pauses and an occasional recharge when you need to feel like you're marching ahead in the right direction. The Deseret News in Salt Lake City put this list together a year and a half ago, but I still like to visit it. It's the top 100 inspiring quotes. Give it a click. Do it once a day or give yourself an overdose to find your all-time fave. Then go do good work.

Dude words

I'm a fan of "The Big Lebowski" but not enough to memorize all of its classic lines. I rely on the Internet for that memory. And here's one from Mental Floss, which dug up a nice piece that helps you expand your vocabulary: "Talk like The Dude: 10 big words from 'The Big Lebowski.'" I love it.


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