Digital Mike: What's got more Vitamin C? Check Google

Even though some folks despise Google and think they want to take over the world, I'm still an admirer, who carefully parts with some of my information and anonymity. But do read on for a nifty Google trick you can do when you query the search engine.

Nutrition comparisons

Google's got so many little tricks up its sleeve. Half the fun is discovering them. Here's one to stash in your bag of tricks: Nutrition comparisons. It's simple. Start at Google and type in your comparison. My recent one was with brussels sprouts, a fave of mine and a very good friend. She made a delicious dish, trying to replicate what we'd had recently with friends at Sontes. Type your two items. Mine was "compare brussels sprouts and asparagus." You'll get the nutritional comparison. Handy. I love it.

Burrito madness


Here's another bracket for the burrito boosters. I'm a fan of New Mexico and have visited many times. There's so much to see, do and experience in the diverse state. Here's a fun piece by NewsCastic on the top burritos in Albuquerque or ABQ, which I prefer. It's a burrito bracket. Store away the information for your next visit, when you need some good, quick food. It's down to two: Perico's vs. Garcia's. Enjoy. And remember the key question when you're in New Mexico: red or green.

Sesame Street favorites

TPT blogger Maria Bartholdi recently sat down and penned a great list of Sesame Street musicals. Here are her picks for the top 10. I had seen some, but I'd missed others, so it was fun and a good reminder of the value of this great show, which I first watched on a black-and-white television, many decades ago. Give it a look and enjoy.


I came across this story and couldn't stop reading, even though I thought, "why?" Perhaps it's all in the name of the science, but this guy studied the most painful places to be stung by a bee on your body. He did his own research. The worst places, according to him? The nostril, the lip and a certain male appendage. It's a fun read. When you're done, sign up to follow Ed Young the writer, who chronicled a piece about this study for Phenomena, a science salon hosted by National Geographic Magazine. He finds good stuff and writes it well. In the meantime, cover up and look out for bees.


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