Doctor's orders driving change at The Amish Store

There are some doctor's orders that you can't ignore, even if they are not easy.

That's what the owners of Rochester's The Amish Store, Kevin and Barb Duckettrecently learned.

Barb's doctor told her that she had to make a choice between her health and continuing to work at the furniture business she has run with her husband for 18 years.

"We agonized over it. While it was a tough decision, we didn't really have a choice," says Kevin Duckett.

Barb Duckett is retiring from their successful store, which leaves Kevin without the partner that he has relied on day-in and day-out for so many years.


Since founding the store, they have sold about $100 million in Amish-made bedroom sets, tables, chairs and other furniture.

Kevin Duckett is still working out exactly what he will do, but he is certain he'll step back from work to spend more time with Barb.

As part of the transition, the Ducketts are running a retirement sale to clear out huge amounts of inventory. That sale, which is being run by an inside firm, began Thursday.

What comes after the sale is not locked in yet, but Kevin Duckett knows what he'd like to see happen.

"Our son (Mason Duckett) is looking at taking over the business," he says. "If that happens, maybe I'll stay at the store and work for him."

However it all plays out, Kevin Duckett is certain that he won't be the boss spending all of his time at the store keeping everything running.

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