What are the pipes for that are being installed and buried along 11th Avenue Southwest, between 40th and 48th streets? -- Bonnie

Here’s an answer that took a bit of digging, but came easy once I pointed one of my minions in the right direction.

“It’s a 12-inch, high-pressure gas line being put in by the Minnesota Energy Resource Corp.” property owner Frank Kottschade said.

Kottschade said Minnesota Energy is installing 10 to 12 miles of gas line to service some of the southern-most parts Rochester and it’s passing through land he had planned to develop.

The developer has an approved plan to build 50 homes on nearly 15 acres south of 40th Street Southwest and east of 11th Avenue, but the new gas line will modify what he can do.

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“Until they get done with the pipeline and what have you, on that portion of the property, I’m not sure what I’ll have remaining,” he said, adding that he didn’t know the utility work was coming when he started making plans to develop what is currently farmland.

Earlier this year, the Rochester City Council approved annexing the last portion of the property he needed for his development plans.

Once the new line is installed, the utility company will maintain a 50-foot easement on the property, which means Kottschade will need to change the plans that received Rochester City Council approval last year.

“The approvals I have with the city are tipped upside-down,” Kottschade said, adding that he’d revisit the plan once the gas line installation is complete. “I’m not sure what I’ll have left and how it will develop.”

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