Entrepreneur: Brianna J. Prudoehl

"I love being my own boss and being in control of my success or my failure."

Brianna Prudoehl
Brianna Prudoehl

Fox & Fern Floral, Modern Design & Concepts, 615 Sixth Ave. NW, Rochester, 507-358-3376

• Describe your business?

Within the last year, we have rebranded and separated our services.

Fox & Fern Floral offers boutique, event-based floral services and event styling.

Modern Design & Concepts, MDC, offers trendy and innovative commercial and residential interior design.


• What's your title?

Owner/lead designer

• What drove you to launch your own business?

I was working full time as a server and knew I wanted to start creating something for myself and my family, to offer more flexibility so I could be with my children more. I also needed to feed my creativity and be challenged.

• How many hours do you typically work in a week?

50 to 85 hours, depending on the season

• How many employees?



• When did you start your business?

Spring of 2010

• If you left another job to start this business, what was it?

I had the opportunity to work for a great company as their lead server, Pescara. I met so many amazing people that opened the door for many business relationships.

• What sacrifices did you make to launch this business and to keep it running?

When I started in 2010, I was still serving full time and working on the business. I did this for two years while I slowly and steadily grew the business. To date, I have no business or family loans, just one step at a time. It's a constant sacrifice with time and money. Especially with weddings and events, its very season driven. During the spring, summer and fall, my time is pretty well taken up with events.

• What is the best thing about owning a business?

I love being my own boss and being in control of my success or my failure. I like giving a sense of responsibility and ownership to my children; they help at the studio when they can; it's nice to work collectively as a family. I've loved the education I've received from this journey of being an entrepreneur, and the amazing people I've meet.


• What is the hardest thing about owning a business?

As a single mother, I don't have a backup to fall on monetarily, that can be extremely nerve racking. Time allocation is also challenging -- balancing and separating family and business can be very hard.

• What's your hope for your business in the next year?

I have another business idea. One that will marry Modern Design & Concepts and Fox & Fern Floral. I'm excited about the trifecta of services. I hope to be able to keep growing sales, and branching out.

• What inspires you to keep doing it?

I love design. I have the opportunity to work in different mediums. I love the adventure of new possibilities and growth.

• Knowing what you know now, would you still start your business?

That's a difficult question, and I've asked myself that many times. Short answer, no. Long answer, I would definitely do some things differently. I have learned so many valuable lessons and have had the opportunity to meet so many great people. I've made mistakes, and I did things the hard way. However, I've found validation in being able to keep moving forward.

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