Get to know one of Rochester’s favorite bartenders, Jade Brady

Jade Brady is one of Rochester's favorite bartenders as voted by Rochester Magazine readers, and a lot of her success is attributed to the loyal and new regulars that appreciate her service.

Rochester Magazine - Jade Brady
Jade Brady, a bartender at Purple Goat, on Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2023, in Rochester.
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ROCHESTER — A kind attitude and a deft hand with a drink has made Jade Brady — and her employer, Purple Goat — a popular stop for folks looking to unwind with a drink.

Brady began developing her skills as a mixologist about a dozen years ago, tending bar at Newt’s North in 2011.

She took some time away from the Creative Cuisine Corporation during a move to The Basement Bar in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis, but later returned and joined the staff at Purple Goat, where she's been since it opened in August 2021.

During that time she has built a strong following of folks across the city who go out of their way to be served by Brady. For these people, the kindness that Brady shows them and her talent as a mixologist combine to create a wonderful environment to unwind.

“I think from all the connections that I have built when I started at Newt’s North, I had a lot of regulars and they followed me over to Purple Goat,” Brady said. “I just got to know them on a deeper level and they come in every week to see me, we keep up on each others life and they’ve turned more into friends.”


The following has grown more recently as Brady gained recognition being voted Rochester’s Best Bartender according to Rochester Magazine on Feb. 2. The honor has put a spotlight on Brady, sending new patrons to the Purple Goat to get to know her.

“I love having new faces and coming in. A lot of people come in and say, like, they've seen my picture (in Rochester Magazine) and they’re coming in and want to try out some drinks,” Brady said.

Charles Morris, general manager of the Purple Goat, spoke on what sets Brady apart from most other bartenders he's seen over the years in the restaurant business.

"What sets Jade apart from others is her sincere care for guests and attention to details. She pays attention and predicts guests needs before they are apparent. She also pays attention and gets to know her guests and what they like to drink and eat, that is about as good of service as you could ever ask for," said Morris.

From the longtime loyal patrons of Brady to the new ones getting to know who she is, the loyalty and kinship is always present whenever people are getting drinks from Brady.

“They make work easy and fun to be at because I get to look forward to them coming in. We have built a relationship where we know when something is off or having a hard time, and we both know when to take care of one another. I’m very thankful to have built such strong relationships within this job,” Brady said.

Brady can regularly be found working the bar at the Purple Goat on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Purple Goat

3708 N Broadway Ave Suite 160, Rochester, MN 55906


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