Heard on the Street: Denny's set to fill Krispy Kreme's old home

Rochester's Miracle Mile Shopping Centerarea has a new 24-hour family restaurant cooking in the former Krispy Kremedoughnut shop, though it won't be a new name to the Med City.

Look for a second Denny'srestaurant to eventually start serving Moons Over My Hammy omelets in the 4,800-square-foot building at 286 17th Ave. N.W.

Franchisee Land Park LLCof Eden Prairie is doubling its footprint in Rochester by opening another location to complement their Denny's along South Broadway.

While not able to connect with the franchisees directly, I've confirmed the new owners see the former doughnut shop as a grand slam for their Denny's operation.

They have some good reasons to think that. Business has really picked up in that area in recent years with the addition of Wild Bill's Sports Saloon, the new Holiday Inn Express, Cherry Berryyogurt, Topper's Pizza, Cousin's Subs, About Faceand Altra Credit Union.


And, of course, there's the Perkinsrestaurant just a few blocks northeast. Some might say opening near a direct competitor doesn't make sense. Another view is if either eatery is full and has a long wait for a table, customers will be able to quickly go to the other rather than opting to go home.

No word yet on any timeline.

Correction Express

Somehow I managed to muck up at least two things in my short Monday column about construction temporarily shutting down the First Avenue Food Courtin downtown Rochester.

While the expanding food court is definitely closed for construction, Victoria's Expressis still open for business. The popular grab-and-go lunch spot has temporarily moved to a spot adjacent to the main Victoria's Italian Restaurant, nearby on First Avenue South.

That's means Mayo Clinicemployees can still use the skyway/subway system to get their Blackened Chicken Caeser Salad or a slice of pizza. They just need to go to the Kahler Grand Hotelcomplex instead of the First Avenue Suitesbuilding for a while.

But don't forget that old path. When the food court reopens this summer, Victoria's Express will move back.

My second correction is that Victoria's Express doesn't have any plans to be part of the weekly Thursdays on Firststreet fairs this summer.


The sudden reappearance of the sun must have addled me a bit more than I usually am. Sorry about that.

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