Heard on the Street: Downtown retail stores play musical chairs

In a flutter of retail activity in Rochester's Kahler Grand Hotelthis month, two stores moved, while a third has gone on temporary hiatus.

After three years as the anchor of the Kahler's collection of shops in its mezzanine lounge, children's clothing store Baby Babyhas returned to its former spot in the hotel's subway retail area under First Avenue Southwest.

"We've gone home," says owner Georgia Hurley.

Before that move could happen, Hurley had to shift another of her businesses, the religion-themed gift shop called The Dove.

In 2008, she moved The Dove into the open space created by Baby Baby's move.


This time around The Dove has been moved into space where Sherwood'swas located.

Sherwood's, a high-end women's clothing shop, recently closed its doors. However, it is just waiting for an opening to jump back into this retail version of musical chairs.

Hurley bought Sherwood's from long-time owners Mary and James Gibsonbefore the shuffle began.

"The opportunity to buy it came up in January and we literally jumped at it," she says.

Hurley is waiting for the dust to settle with the current construction and remodeling under way in the downtown hotel complex, and then plans to line up a spot for Sherwood's return.

Baby Baby's return to the subway level seemed a better fit as they took the opportunity to refresh their portfolio of stores, Hurley said.

She has four on staff at The Dove and Baby Baby, though Hurley expects to double the number soon.

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