Heard on the Street: Photographer finds niche with time-lapse shoots

Time often feels like it's passing too fast, but a Rochester photographer likes to speed it up even more. PhotographerJosh Banksmounted aBrinnotime-lapse camera on toBenike Construction's work...


Time often feels like it's passing too fast, but a Rochester photographer likes to speed it up even more.

Photographer Josh Banksmounted a Brinnotime-lapse camera on to Benike Construction's work trailer, while the contractor was building Courtesy Corp.'slatest McDonald'srestaurant in northwest Rochester.

That camera took a photo every 10 minutes from April to August. Played back at 30 frames per second, a full day of work passes in three seconds. In the end, Banks produced a 3-minute video that showed the months of construction, including some segments from a camera mounted by suction cup inside the restaurant. He released the final product online this week.

"I have wanted to do a time-lapse construction project everybody could relate to and finally all of the pieces came together," he wrote on his blog at

Banks shot this project to help promote using Brinno cameras for construction projects. He discovered the cameras, when Rochester Public Utilitiescommissioned him to do a time-lapse video of the construction of its new St. Marys Park water tower.


Once that video hit the Internet, he quickly received a call from Brinno's distributor in Florida. The cameras are made in Taiwan. The distributor was impressed by the video, which displayed one of the first times a Brinno camera had been used to shoot a construction project.

While he is pursuing other time-lapse projects, the core of his photography business is shooting stock photos for Getty Imagesand iStock. That entails shooting a wide variety of images, posting them on the two commercial websites where they can be purchased for use in advertisements and other materials. He's paid royalties for each photo downloaded.

In fact, he recently stopped by Rochester's Lowes Home Improvementstore and was surprised to see a large photo of his young son covered in paint. Banks shot the photo during his first year in business in 2009. The store manager told him that all 1,800 Lowes stores featured that display with his photo.

"I got goosebumps. I have seen my photos used many, many times in the past, but not in such a significant way," he said.


McDonalds time lapse video can be found at

His stock photos can be found at and

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