Heard on the Street: Spring arrives at Silver Lake, no matter the weather

Even though cold temperatures and possibly snow are in the forecast, it seems the Med City has collectively decided it is finally spring.

The brief, but gorgeous sunny weather on Sunday had everyone out and about for a walk or an ice cream cone at the now-open Dairy Queenstand on North Broadway.

It also brought out another one of Rochester's surest signs of spring, the open sign in front of Aaron Richard's Silver Lake Boat and Bike Rentals.

"We're excited to get going. There were hundreds of people out around the lake Sunday," he said. "So we're open, as long as the weather is good."

While the rest of this week might not be ideal for being out, he is ready for the season with some new adult pedal cars, new sea kayaks and his usual array of bikes and canoes.


The pedal cars are built like a go-cart, just without the motor. And they are definitely for adults.

"The seat can be adjusted to be comfortable for any adult taller than 6 foot or down to someone who is 4 foot," Richard said. "It is pretty fun."

While he still rents standard recreational kayaks, his fleet now includes two slim and fast sea kayaks.

The new kayaks are a mere 24 inches across compared to the wider, but more stable, 32 inches of the recreational kayaks.

"They are really fast," he said of the new additions.

Regulars will notice something missing from the banks of Silver Lake this season. Richard decided it was time to retire the small mini-golf course he had built to complement his business.

After a couple years, he decided it hadn't worked out as well as he had hoped.

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