Jimmy John's to open in new Austin strip mall

AUSTIN — The number of sub sandwich options in Austin is about to grow. Jimmy John's, the rapidly expanding sandwich chain, is set to open later this year on 18th Avenue Northwest in Austin.

"It looks like a good place put it," said Pat McCauley, who owns several Jimmy John's in the area with business partner Jason Kerr. "It's right in our backyard."

McCauley and Kerr opened their first shop in 2009 and now have locations in Faribault, Mankato, Mason City, and Owatonna, where they both reside. They enter a crowded market in Austin, which is already home to a Quizno's, locally owned Grinder's Deli and three Subway restaurants. McCauley is undeterred.

"Like in Mason City, there were six Subways when we opened," McCauley said, adding they plan on doing some sampling of their product in their delivery range, which is about a five-minute area.

"We slice everything daily," said McCauley. "You can't get it any fresher than that."


Jimmy John's is known for what their commercials call "freaky fast" delivery. No matter if it is one sandwich or 20, the promise is to have a meal delivered where it needs to go in a small amount of time. Many of the shops also get to know their customers, and what they order.

"Everyone's got a favorite sandwich," said McCauley, whose favorite is the Country Club, with turkey breast, ham, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.

Getting the food to its destination shouldn't be a problem. McCauley plans on hiring people who live in the Austin area and would know the layout.

"We have 35 kids, I say kids — people," McCauley said. "Our idea is to have it all run locally. It seems to work out best for us."

McCauley said the Austin Jimmy John's can be expected to be delivering sandwiches in about four to five months.

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