Letter: City and PB should realize a $15 minimum wage is needed

I read the piece arguing against a $15 minimum wage. The article ignored the reality facing thousands of people like me who make less than $15 and are trying to survive in our rapidly changing city. Rochester should be a place where all families can be safe and secure.

For those of us making under $15 per hour right now, it is really hard. It is virtually impossible for regular people to keep our heads above water with the costs of housing and childcare always increasing.

The editorial board called a city-mandated minimum wage "unrealistic." What is unrealistic is trying to survive in this city if you make less than $15 per hour. Who is going to work at all the fancy new DMC buildings our taxpayer dollars are funding if none of us can afford to be here?

A $15 minimum wage would be a good start. I hope the city, and this paper, take into account the lives of people who live in the city as much as they seem to do for businesses and developers profits

Leah Riley, Rochester

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