The Post Bulletin and Rochester Magazine staffers took home nineteen awards at the Society of Professional Journalists Page One Awards, held June 15.

Awards won include:

Feature Writing:  First Place , Brett Boese " Rochester woman is deathly allergic to everything, including her husband"

Sports Story: First Place, Brett Boese,  " Wingers show they're the winner on, off the court"

Spot News: Second Place, Brett Boese, " First the World Series, then the wedding"

Meeting/Planned Event News Coverage: First Place, Hannah Yang, " Motion rejected for hog processing plant in Mason City"

Best News Video (online): Third Place, Hannah Yang, " Kenyon Police Chief shares struggle with PTSD"

Best Beat Reporting: Third Place, Hannah Yang, j udged by submitted articles and a personal essay

Best Column: Third Place, Jay Furst,  " Skyway issue is all about connections"

Arts Criticism/Review: First Place, Jay Furst, " Four Stars: Lucky Austin has Spam galore"

Best Newsroom Blog: Third Place, Jay Furst,  " Furst Draft"

Best Magazine Department: First Place, Jennifer Koski, Rochester Magazine's " Random Rochesterite" -  Third year standing award winner

Best Magazine Column: First Place, Steve Lange, Rochester Magazine's " Oddchester",  Fourth year standing award winner

Best Magazine Page Design: Third Place, Lisa Houghton, Rochester Magazine's " Single in the City"

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Best Portrait Photography: Second Place,  Andrew Link

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Best Feature Photography: Second Place,   Andrew Link

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Best  SportsPhotographySecond Place,   Andrew Link

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Best Feature Photography: First Place, Elizabeth Nida Obert

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