New business offers wine advice

Barbara C. Pitcherknows wine.

She knows the vineyards, the vintages, the bouquets and the textures.

Most of all, she knows how to choose a wine to pair with any meal.

That knowledge is what is behind her new Rochester business, Pairing To Perfection.

Pitcher works with restaurants and clubs. She studies their food offerings and wine lists to create pairing suggestions to be used on menus and to educate the wait staff.


"It is something every restaurant wants to do, but doesn't have the time to do," she said.

As part of her service, Pitcher crafts three pairings — modest, moderate and upscale — for each entree. Each wine and food pairing includes flavor descriptions to guide the server and the customer on how to best fit individual tastes.

"Some people like a more full-body wine, some like a more subtle wine," she said. "I try to help people find the best fit."

Pitcher is in talks with restaurants in Rochester and throughout the region extending into the Twin Cities.

To provide more depth for restaurants looking to train staff or provide more background as a chef briefs servers on that night's specials, Pitcher also gives her clients a Kindle electronic notebook loaded with wine information.

She can also recommend wines for restaurants to add to their selections.

Pairing to Perfect only provides information and does not distribute or sell wine.

Pitcher, who manages her business from her home, recently moved to Rochester. Her husband, Kurt Pitcher, is the new general manager of the Somerby Golf Communityin Byron.

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