Physical therapy clinic moves to Anytime Fitness center

Five years after she opened her first physical therapy clinic in Rochester, Joan Ward's business remains very active.

Ward's ActivePT, which offers specialized physical and sports therapy, now has six clinics throughout southeastern Minnesota. Earlier this week, she moved her fairly new Stewartville location into the recently remodeled Anytime Fitnessworkout center.

"Now all six of our clinics are located in local athletic clubs," said Ward. "It's nice that each of the clubs are run by local independent owners, which is what we like to support."

That has been her goal, because of how well fitness centers complement her physical therapy clinics.

"It's very helpful that we can teach people on site how to use the equipment as they recover from an injury. It also encourages physical activity, which is good for our clients," she said.


ActivePT therapists now work in Rochester, Stewartville, Lake City, Spring Valley, Plainview and Wabasha, They offer appointments two or three days a week in each of the smaller communities and five days a week in the clinic based in the Rochester Athletic Club.

Ward has seven therapists and four support personnel on staff. Having a circuit of offices in surrounding towns allows her team to reach more patients.

"We have a much larger outreach than we could have just being in Rochester," she said. "And we can bring quality care right to people in those communities." -- Jeff Kiger

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