Reach for the sky: Rochester's tallest buildings

Rochester’s tallest buildings, from left: Broadway Plaza, Gonda, Plummer, Mayo, and Hilton.
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Mayo Clinic’s proposed expansion of the Gonda Building will reach 490 feet, far and away the tallest building on the city skyline, when it’s finished in 2022.

The Plummer Building, when it opened, was the tallest building in the state, at least for a couple of years before Minneapolis’ Foshay Tower surpassed it. The Plummer remained the peak of Rochester’s skyline for more than 70 years.

Here’s the current top five:

1. Broadway Plaza

15 First St. SE


Opened 2004

342 feet

2. Gonda Building

200 First St. SW

Opened 2001

305 feet (21 stories)

3. Plummer Building

100 Second St. SW


Opened 1928

298 feet (15 stories)

4. Mayo Building

200 First St. SW

Opened 1955

295 feet (18 stories)

5. Broadway at Center Hilton

10 E. Center St.


Opens 2019

264 feet (19 stories)

Source: Post Bulletin archives, public records

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