While things are bleak for restaurants today, two Rochester restaurateurs are planning for the future by mapping out their ninth and largest Med City eatery.

David and Mark Currie, the brothers behind the Creative Cuisine group, are mapping out plans for a new restaurant in part of the former Shopko North complex at 3708 U.S. 63 North.

“We’re looking at growing, even in these weird times. You’ve got to look ahead,” said David Currie this week. “We’re really excited about this. This is a concept my brother and I have been thinking about for the last three years.”

This will add to Creative Cuisine’s Med City portfolio that includes four Newt's, City Market Deli, Hefe Rojo, Redwood Room and 300 First.

Most of the details of the new restaurant, such as the name and the menu, are still under wraps at this point. However, Currie described where its atmosphere will fit among Creative Cuisine's other Rochester restaurants.

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“We want it to be real a destination place. It'll be between Newt’s and 300 First. Comfortable ... not pretentious,” he said.

They hope to start construction this summer and possibly open early this fall.

The restaurant will fill a 6,400-square-foot space on the west end of the former Shopko complex with a 10,000-square-foot patio.

“The patio is going to be amazing,” said Currie. “It will have some cool fire features from Haley. It will be a little bit of a display for Haley and nice features for the restaurant.”

This restaurant project is the latest part of the re-development of the 90,000-square-foot building to be announced. In February, Tom Haley, co-owner of Haley Comfort Systems, purchased the complex, which has sat empty since Shopko closed in June.

Haley Comfort Systems’ showroom and operations will fill the center part of the complex. Haley is looking for a commercial tenant to fill the rest of the space on the east side of the building.

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