Dear Knower of All Things: I saw online the other day that a diner who ordered takeout from what she thought was a local pizzeria in Philadelphia was actually getting pizza from a Chuck E. Cheese. How does that happen? — Pizza Pete

Dear Pete: Turns out Chuck E. Cheese is working to build a delivery-only brand called Pasqually's Pizza & Wings. Pasqually's is named after the chef in the Chuck E. Cheese universe, and the two pizza places share kitchen space. Apparently, it's fairly common for restaurants under the same umbrella to share prep space.

Chuck E. Cheese in Rochester is closed, but the Pasqually's name caused a little confusion for fans of Pasquale's Neighborhood Pizzeria in Rochester. But, believe me, if you order pizza from Pasquale's, you will not mistake it for Chuck E. Cheese.

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