It looks like a well-known mouse will not survive the COVID-19 pandemic, at least not in the Med City.

It’s official. The frenetic house of skee ball and pizza called Chuck E. Cheese will not re-open in Rochester. The kids eatery closed early in the pandemic. While the 13 other Minnesota locations are slated to re-open, Rochester’s is expected to remain closed.

It is one of 45 locations the parent company, CEC Entertainment, identified in a bankruptcy filing last week.

Rochester’s restaurant and arcade at 1200 16th St. S.W. opened in the former home of Linens 'n Things at the end of 2010. The Linens 'n Things store closed for the same reason in 2008.

Med City fans had been asking the Texas-based company to open in Rochester for almost 10 years.

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It joined another long-requested brand, Trader Joe’s, in the opening in the Southwest retail center that started life as an Econo Foods grocery store.

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