A petition to stop the City of Rochester from demolishing Legends Bar and Grill has been launched and almost 400 people have signed it.

It was announced last month that city is ending the lease of Legends in the city-owned building at 11 Fourth St. SE. City officials say the plan is to demolish it to clear the way for a future Riverfront Reimagined project.

However, no specific development is in the works for the space. That means the city expects to use the resulting open land as “green space” until a development project moves forward.

That upsets Legends owner Jeff Fieseler. Brandon Evjen posted the petition on change.org with text from Fieseler.

“I was led to believe that a development was underway but only to learn that the property is going to be bulldozed to make way for a 'green space' until a potential developer comes along. That could take years for someone to want to take the risk especially with the state our country is in with the pandemic etc.,” wrote Fieseler. “For the record my business is not a casuality of COVID-19, my business is going to be a casualty at the hand of the city of Rochester.”

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The petition is calling for 500 signatures. It had more than 370 at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday.