Can you give us an update on the reported food chains that were rumored to be coming to Rochester, such as a second Chick-Fil-A on the north side, Popeye’s, IHOP, Sonic drive in, and any other ones I forgot about, too. -- Carol

With Jeff Kiger around, getting the answers to this question was a snap. Here's what he has on those.

  • Popeye's has worked with the city on plans, so most likely it's coming eventually. There is a neighborhood group that opposes the development, however, so stay tuned.
  • Similarly, IHOP has worked with the city, and its building is designed to include other retail space, so it likely will go ahead, even in the current pandemic.
  • Chick-fil-A north is just a rumor at this stage, and there aren't any real estate deals or building permit applications that signal its arrival anytime soon. But Jeff says it does seem reasonable to expect something soon.
  • Sonic's corporate minders often say they're interested in Rochester, but nothing has materialized so far. Jeff checks on this periodically, and he's due for another check-in soon.

That's a pretty short answer, so let's make this column a two-fer.

I am just wondering why it is that all the news stories about the ship stuck in the Suez Canal call the ship Ever Given, but it clearly says Evergreen on the side. Just curious.

P.S.: Also, I just wanted to thank you for your very thorough coverage of my previous question (a long time ago) about why it’s so hard to see the lines on the streets when it’s dark and rainy. Great job! Thanks.

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That does sound like a mix-up, but it's pretty easily explained. The now-dislodged container ship is registered in Panama as the Ever Given, but it is time-chartered and operated by the pretty similarly named company Evergreen Marine, based in Taiwan. So, what you saw on the side of the ship was the company name, not the ship's name.

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