Two popular Med City bars will soon be pouring drinks under new ownership.

The Facebook pages for original Whistle Binkies and Whistle Binkies on the Lake confirmed that owners Randy and Connie Lehman had sold both locations to different ownership groups. Chatter about the change has been buzzing around Rochester since Tuesday.

“We are pleased and excited to announce the future plans for Whistle Binkies! We have reached an agreement with two different groups to purchase each location,” the statement on Facebook reads. “North location will have the buyers group of Pedro Leveron, Brandon Lusk, Danielle Stoos and Alfredo Rios. South location will be purchased by Eric and Kelly Amundson.”

Many of the new owners have been behind the bar or work in other staff positions at Whistle Binkies. The tentative closing date for the sale is Nov. 19.

“We have great confidence in these two groups to continue to operate the restaurants with the same expertise as the existing owners to keep Whistle Binkies profitable and successful," the statement said.

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"We also know they are dedicated to keeping the staff intact and having the same great work environment,” according to the post. “I can not thank everyone enough for all the hard work and dedication for making Whistle Binkies what it is today. Also for sticking with us through the pandemic. It was amazing that we came through it successfully.”

Whistle Binkies' history in Rochester dates back almost 20 years. After visiting a pub called Whistle Binkies in Edinburgh during a trip to Scotland, the Lehmans decided to try to recreate it in Rochester.

On June 10, 2002, the original Whistle Binkies opened at 3120 Wellner Drive N.E. in a then-new commercial center. It was very popular and soon expanded in that location. A second Whistle Binkies opened in 2005 on the south side of Rochester.

In 2013, the Lehmans purchased the 10,000-square-foot commercial center at 3120 Wellner Drive N.E. from Richard Ruhoff. Ruhoff built it in 2002 and Whistle Binkies had leased its 4,100-square-foot space since then.