It looks like Med City will have one less pier in the near future as another national retailer decides to pull the plug on all of its stores.

Pier One, the Texas-based home-goods chain, announced this week that it’s changing its bankruptcy plan from closing half of its stores to shutting the doors of all its 540 wicker-filled shops.

That will include the longtime Pier One store in Rochester’s Crossroads Shopping Center. That store opened there in 1994.

Blair Meek, who manages Crossroads, said he has not been contacted by Pier One since the closure plan was announced. The last contact he had was the retailer telling him that the Med City store would be one of nine Minnesota stores that would stay open after bankruptcy.

“When they announced they are closing all of the stores, it was news to us,” Meek said. “We had expected them to eventually reopen, when the state said they could. It’s hard to lose a 26-year tenant.”

That means Crossroads will probably soon have an empty 9,000-square-foot spot to fill. Given the ever-increasing number of empty commercial spaces in Rochester, Meek will have a lot of competition for possible tenants.

Since there are not as many retailers looking for large spaces, it’s possible that the Pier One slot could be split up like the former Sports Authority store that now houses Five Below and Petco, or the ex-Shopko North store being redeveloped for Haley Comfort Systems and a new Creative Cuisine restaurant.

Meek’s father, Bob Meek, and Vic Scott got creative in 2003, when the 62,000-square-foot Rainbow Foods closed its doors as an anchor of Crossroads.

Instead of luring a similar-sized tenant, the Crossroads team put in demising walls and divided the utilities to divide the grocery store into three spots.

That resulted in attracting three new and very popular stores — Aldi, Savers and Dollar Tree — to the center in 2005.

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