Rochester photo studio goes portable

After almost 16 years in a downtown Rochester photography studio, Dave and Kate Meirare taking their portrait business on the road.

"We're going to take our studio to our clients… all of our equipment, props, studio lights and everything," Dave Meir says.

Beside shooting portraits in client's homes or garages, he also will be able to inflate (yes, inflate) a portable studio.

All of this means the Meirs' new venture, The Portable Pro, will hit the streets in April after they close the doors on their d. holmes meir studiosat 328 South Broadway.

Pre-portrait consultations, looking at photo proofs and ordering prints will now all be done online. Finished portraits will be delivered directly to the client's front door.


"We're going utilize more of today's technology to make things easier for the client," he says.

Meir says a client used to make four or five trips to the studio for a senior portrait shoot from start to finish. The Portable Pro changes all of that.

"I think professional portraiture is going a different direction and we're following it," he says. "This helps with the cost of competition and the expense of having a physical studio."

Biz buzz

• Look for new and revamped businesses to bloom in Rochester this week and through the start of April.

I'll track the openings just like a farmer counting the new baby lambs. But I won't need to be out in the barn all night or get dirty. More evidence that my choice to leave the family farm was the right decision.

• I've added a new name to my list of restaurant chains to check on for any plans to come to the Med City. From a reader:

"I saw the article about restaurants and, with the recent addition of Trader Joe's, it's about time Rochester fills that vacant restaurant building by Apache Mall with a Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes.


Unbelievably fresh buffet food…Help us get one!"


Well, I can always ask.

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