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Singapore group joins Mayo Clinic Care Network

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SINGAPORE — The Mayo Clinic Care Network recently announced that Singapore-based Raffles Medical Group will join the network. This marks the third international member, and the first Asian member to join.

The purpose of the network is to create a 'domestic and international footprint', said Dr. David Hayes, the network's medical director. "It gives Mayo the ability to know the other organization really well over the years; it extends Mayo's brand, hopefully; and it helps to create a complex care provider." The network accepts multidisciplinary centers that share Mayo's focus on the patient.

Raffles Medical Group consists of clinics, hospitals and services across Singapore and has medical centers in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Raffles started conversations about joining the network in 2014 when they visited Mayo. Mayo visited Raffles in early 2015.

For network members, who remain completely autonomous, collaboration with the Mayo Clinic Care Network allows access to the network's tools and services, including:

• eConsults that allow Raffles Medical Group physicians to connect electronically with Mayo specialists and sub-specialists when they want additional input on a patient's care.


• AskMayoExpert, which provides point-of-care Mayo-vetted information on disease management, care guidelines, treatment recommendations and reference materials for a variety of medical conditions.

• eTumor Board Conferences that allow physicians to present and discuss management of complex cancer cases with a multidisciplinary panel of Mayo Clinic specialists and other network members.

Raffles Medical Group providers will also be able to consult with Mayo Clinic on operational and business processes, access Mayo's extensive library of patient education materials and view archived grand rounds presentations that feature presentations by Mayo physicians and scientists.

"It can extend the clinic's knowledge and expertise that can help them move forward faster," Hayes said of Raffles's benefits. "For the patient it means they may not have to travel somewhere else (for care)."

The patient, for both Mayo and its network members, is always the central focus. That's why

Mayo doesn't allow for network members to pass along any network costs to the patients. Members pay a subscription price to be a part of the network.

According to Hayes, other Asian organizations outside of Singapore are being considered to join the network, "It's too early to tell when or if" these groups will join. So far, International expansion has been slow.

Mayo wanted to ensure that the tools were working domestically before expanding internationally. There was also the barrier that some medical concerns differ internationally.


Raffles is the second member to join in the past two weeks. Methodist Healthcare in Memphis, Tenn. joined on July 23. So far, Mayo hasn't done any marketing for the network. "They've all come to us, which has been really great," Hayes said.

Launched in 2011, Mayo Clinic Care Network has 30 domestic members in 20 states, and three international members.

"(We want to) continue to slowly grow our network, and to add value to the sites by extending Mayo's value and expertise to these sites," Hayes said.

In 2014, Mayo said 'it aims to reach as many as 200 million people directly or indirectly by 2020. '

Hayes said that the network has the potential to reach 15,000 physicians and, through their sites, a potential 12 million patients.

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