Zach Ohly, Cameo

Had already made the decision not to reopen dining room other than for private events. "The writing was kind of on the wall" that further restrictions were coming. Have canceled booked events. "It's unfortunate, but I'm of the belief that public health supercedes business ... especially in the middle of the pandemic." Hopes there will be federal aid to businesses forced to close. Have already furloughed 50 staff. Takeout orders Thursday, Friday and Saturday through website,

Matt Remick, Rochester Athletic Club

Being closed for another four weeks means that "we're going to be closed over one-third of this year," he said. Federal payroll protection aid covered six weeks. "I'm trying to figure out how we're going to take care of our employees." Memberships are on pause. He feels there may be long-term changes in perception of health clubs. Members have been in contact "saying how safe they feel at the RAC." Points to industry statistics that say health clubs have contributed 1,155 cases of COVID-19 nationwide, across 49.4 million individual check-ins. The stats "show clubs aren't part of the problem; I firmly believe we're part of the solution."

Pasquale Presa, Pasquale's Neighborhood Pizzeria

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"We've kind of mastered being the secure takeout area," he said. Following the advice of health professionals, the restaurant keeps its doors open, has two fans and replaces its air filters three times as often as before. As a result, "we're able to weather the storm. ... The guests stay in here just a minute, two minutes, then they're out." The restaurant takes orders and payment online, at, and has two spots out front for curbside pickup.