Forbes magazine recently named the four co-founders of a Rochester med-tech startup to its “30 Under 30 In Healthcare.”

Allisa Song, a Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine student and CEO/co-founder of Nanodropper, made the magazine’s annual list along with Nanodropper co-founders Elias Baker, Jennifer Steger and Mackenzie Andrews.

Nanodropper makes a precision eye drop bottle adapter that reduces medicine waste by delivering a more precise drop, benefitting patients as well as doctors.

The product, which fits most eye medicine bottles, started after Song read how eye droppers squirt more liquid that an eye can hold. Nanodropper allows patients to get more useful drops of medicine out of a bottle without waste.

While Song, Baker, Steger and Andrews founded the company in 2017 while at the University of Washington, they soon shifted it to the Med City. Song and Baker currently live and work in Rochester.

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Robbie Spencer, Nanodropper’s marketing manager, is also based here. He often works in the Collider space, Rochester’s downtown co-working business incubator.

The company, which is making and distributing its products, received $35,500 in grants this summer from the state’s Launch Minnesota program. Nanodropper also landed an estimated $500,000 contract with the U.S. Air Force in August, so 2020 hasn’t been a bad year for the young business.

“Seeing this year’s list of honorees makes me hopeful for the future of healthcare, being led by trailblazers that are innovating toward a patient-centered and equitable system,” Song stated in the announcement about making the Forbes list. “I look forward to continuing to prove that we belong as we fulfill our mission of helping patients take back control of their eye health.”