A Med City technology repair business is transitioning all of its locations under a new franchise umbrella to offer more service with the same local owners and staff.

Rochester-based Fast Phone Repair, led by James Gorecki and Josh Moe, is transitioning all six of its locations, including two in Rochester, to become Ubreakifix franchises.

Moe explained the shift means customers who have their devices insured by Asurion, which owns Ubreakifix, will be able to get repairs, like a new phone screen, covered at a much lower cost.

“It allows us to better serve our customers,” he said.

The change will also mean that repairs done in Rochester will be guaranteed by the network of more than 600 Ubreakifix locations. Ubreakifix also offers a monthly plan to cover repairs of all Wifi connected devices in a household.

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While the name will be different, Moe says all of their 25 employees, including 10 in Rochester, will remain the same.

Fixing smartphones is the core of their repair services, but Moe stressed that they can fix almost anything electronic.

That means tablets, game consoles, laptops, smartwatches, and even some smart appliances and things like Sleep Number beds. They have also fixed broken GPS screens and devices in tractors and combines.

While local customers are familiar with the colorful repair shops at 12 9th St SE and 2986 41st St NW, Gorecki and Moe have expanded their portfolio to six locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota. A Fargo shop opened just last week.

They hope to continue expanding under the Ubreakifix brand.

“Our eventual goal is to grow to 15 over the next two or three years,” said Moe.