Watch what you wear to work

Did you agonize about what you were going to wear to work today?

Whether your dress code is casual, business casual or professional, finding something to wear can be difficult.

Presenting a polished look each and every day is important in most offices.

Jeans riddled with holes should not be worn even to the most casual of offices; save those and your acid-washed sweatshirts for raking leaves this weekend.

Those women who have a business-casual dress code need to avoid being too casual. This means avoid short skirts, low-cut necklines, too-high heels, too-tight clothes and anything that borders on looking slinky.


Buying the right clothes to begin with will certainly help. If you can’t afford a large dry-cleaning bill every week, keep that in mind.

Spending a little extra money on the quality of your clothing can pay off. If you’re like me, you rotate about 10 suits and/or outfits through your work weeks.  Most women have bigger closets than I, but my suits are high quality and don’t seem to show much wear.  Also, I can wash them myself to avoid a big dry cleaning bill.

Always remember that your clothes will affect your self-esteem. It’s important that you like your clothes and that you feel good in them.

In talking with women about how to dress for work, I picked up these tips:

• Buy comfortable shoes that match several outfits.


• Don’t wear shoes with scuff marks or that have been chewed by your puppy. I’ve been guilty of this! (Not chewing the shoes, but wearing puppy-chewed shoes...)



• If you're going to paint your nails, keep them chip-free.


• Don’t overdo the lipstick and eyeliner.

• We’ve all had those days when we wake up and throw on anything that's somewhat clean and wrinkle free. Resist that urge.

A few items of clothing should never appear in your office. They include Crocs, Uggs, leggings made of spandex, scrunchies, sports jerseys, and last but not least, what you wore yesterday.

In an ideal world, how you dress for work wouldn’t be a factor in how you’re judged. Unfortunately, we aren’t only judged on our work capabilities and what you bring to the table. How you dress for work each morning reflects how you feel about your job. It shows that you pay attention to detail and that you know what you will encounter each day.

One last thought — can’t they make "professional" looking scrubs? And for those of you who get to wear scrubs, personally I think you’re lucky!

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