Women at Work: Don't be The Complainer

Do you work with someone who always has a story to top the one just shared?

Have you experienced it so many times that you no longer share ideas, opinions or stories just so you don't have to listen to his or her story that will certainly top yours? For category's sake, we will call them the One-Upper.

Could that be one of the worst employees or co-workers? Perhaps. Or do you work with one of "these"?

The Bully:Yes, they do exist outside of schools and playgrounds. The bullies walk around as though they are the boss even though you are all on the same "playing field." Ultimately, they just love to belittle and degrade others. They need to be called out (in private).

• The Complainer:You name it, they will complain! No matter what the subject, they will find a reason to complain whether it is about the company, a coworker, the meeting agenda, what kind of bagels were brought in (never by them), on down to the way someone left a fork in the sink. Nothing is ever fair or right. For those of you who work with a complainer, meet every complaint with a question, "So, what's the solution?" After being met with this question routinely, the complaints will wane (hopefully).


The Dead Weight:Generally every employee was hired to bring their unique strengths and skills to the table. But, there are some that can ace an interview with no real plans to contribute to the team. They are useless and show no desire to do anything but the bare minimum. Although it means you will have to pick up their slack, hopefully these co-workers won't last too long one their true intentions show.

• The Control Freak:Being the opposite of the "dead weight," these coworkers feel the only way to do something and have it done right is to do it themselves. Although high performers, they are equally as frustrating as the opposites above.

The Brown Noser:Not everyone gets ahead at work by busting their backside and accomplishing their goals. There are those who performs on an average scale and don't excel at much, but they are really good at moving up the ranks simply by buttering another's derriere. People -- stop with the BS. Flattery is nice, but results matter.

• Every place of work has at least one of these; the Drama Queen:This type of employee makes sure everyone knows every last detail of their professional and personal life. The best advice I have is learning real fast how to shut a conversation down.

• Lastly, we have the Time Waster.We know they have a job and supposed responsibilities to handle, but most often they are seen hanging around the front desk and break room or on some form of social media. If you are one a quick trip to the lavatory or coffee pot, do it quick and get back to your desk before you are sucked in to a 20-minute conversation that didn't need to take place.

Working with difficult people is frustrating and then some. But, what I have come to learn is that I have a job to do, and I am there to do it and no one else's. If my co-workers are difficult, unfortunately ignoring them is the most effective way to handle the situation unless it is detrimental to the company. Tattling and complaining get one nowhere, and I don't have time to let other people decide my mood or hinder my productivity.

But, if you are really wanting to affect that annoying someone's day, just smile ... widely. It always works!

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