As our years in the world of work span decades, chances are our careers change a time or two. Along with changing careers comes meeting new coworkers. Some we love to work with, some not necessarily so. As for coworkers from previous jobs, some remain friends and some go by the wayside. Occasionally, one is graced with meeting someone who stands out above the crowd; someone who changes the world for the better just by being in it.

In 2016, I received a phone call from a woman asking if I would be interested in sharing my adoption stories with others. My time with her began then, and I consider myself lucky. The woman I speak so highly of has dedicated herself to what gives her life meaning and purpose. She is not afraid to get out there, connect with others, share her knowledge and talents, and be authentic all while being supportive and compassionate to all. The whole world needs to know all about Pam!

After making a huge impact with Bellis as the School Outreach Coordinator, Pam Hulstrand has decided to follow her passion and focus on her marital counseling ministry. She first got involved with counseling in churches she and her husband served in, and realized premarital counseling was her favorite part. As couples came through her for counseling, they began to refer friends.

Pam states, “I felt God calling me to launch my own ministry for the purpose of building strong marriages and relationships.”

And with that, On Bended Knee Ministries came alive. On Bended Knee Ministries benefits from Pam’s background in social work and attending seminary for pastoral care and counseling. Doing this kind of work in the church for 30 years and working with hundreds of couples has also taught her a lot. In addition, she feels she gained perspective and passion after her own marital struggles caused her to seek counseling and guidance.

As a woman in business, I am always interested in how one markets or gets the word out there for people to discover them. When someone is this sought out for their kindness, sincerity, and understanding of relationships and connections, it only stands to reason that word of mouth is enough. Of course, couples, churches and pastors spread the word – why wouldn’t they? Like any career journey, there are ups and downs. Pam finds it very rewarding in “seeing engaged couples find tools and resources that help set them up for marital success as well as seeing married couples reconnect and commit to their relationship in new and fresh ways.” In the same sense, it is sad for her to hear of couples she had worked with in the past getting divorced.

So many people benefit from Pam’s investment of time, energy and passion in her business. There are so many ways On Bended Knee serves and helps others. Here are just a few:

  • Meet with couples individually to prepare them for marriage.
  • Meet with dating couples to discern if they should get married.
  • Provide marital tune ups for married couples to help keep their relationships running smoothly.
  • Conduct Engaged Couple’s Seminars and Marriage Matters retreats for churches, using the Prepare-Enrich tool in group settings.
  • Speak at retreats, women’s events and many other settings as requested.

It is easy to tell why Pam needs to be shared with the world! She operates with her heart and cares deeply about everyone she meets while traveling her journey of positively impacting all those who are in the right spot at the right time to grasp her hand and go.

Kristen Asleson is owner of Midwest Virtual Assistants. Send comments and ideas to