Rising every morning to get ready for a day of distance learning or remote working can be a struggle for many women. Mornings can be hectic when you are racing around making coffee and organizing the work you have at home. And, if you have other members of the household you need to “get on track” each morning, such as children, pets and a husband, then I bet your mornings can be really crazy.

In the midst of the craziness, I bet you missed your breakfast! Each and every one of us know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but quite often, it is hard to fit time in to eat amid all the other chaos.

As I was told by one local woman, who happens to work full time and be a single mother of two boys, “I cannot remember the last time I sat down and ate breakfast. I find it is one thing I never leave time for.”

With my love of time management, distance learning and organizing my work is easy enough. Each morning I get up at least 45 minutes prior to anyone else and start a pot of coffee. While getting ready for work, I have two eggs frying in a pan for my breakfast, and I usually have time to sit down and eat (versus what a lot of women do; hang over the sink and shovel something in). Then comes time to get everyone else up and moving; keep in mind I am still a firm believer in getting prepared the night before.

In talking with my sister, who works full time and is a mother to two boys, I realized she and I are a lot alike. She also gets up every morning at 5 a.m. for her uninterrupted time. During this time, she drinks coffee, takes her vitamins, and reads a devotional and Twitter. Included in her morning time is having either yogurt or a bowl of cereal, and it doesn’t matter if it is Sponge Bob Go-Gurt or Lucky Charms. She said she knows breakfast is important, and normally she is a little hungry but one would never find her passed out at the local buffet in the morning.

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There are many women who combine the actions of getting ready for work and eating breakfast – multitaskers!

Margaret shared, “I microwave instant oatmeal while I put on my make-up. By the time the oatmeal is cooked and cooled, I am ready to eat it. I also eat a banana mid-morning. “ While this may sound boring to some of you, the routine provides the essential ingredients for energy during the morning, so you don’t start in on the candy bars or other junk by 9 a.m.

If you do not have time to fix yourself something in the morning, there is always breakfast on the go. Amy, who arrives to work each morning at 6 a.m., grabs a high protein yogurt and a fiber bar to keep her fueled until lunch time.

Jo-Ann Heslin, a registered dietitian and author, has a few breakfast ideas I wanted to share. First and foremost, she said protein is the most important ingredient. “Including some protein at every meal and snack, makes you feel satisfied longer and less hungry during the rest of the day.” Eggs, nuts, low-fat cheese and meat are excellent sources of protein. If you prefer a breakfast with a little more substance, add oatmeal or another hot cereal; nowadays, they are microwaveable and easy to make. And, if you are really in a time crunch, toast a whole-wheat bagel and top it off with peanut butter, grab it and go

Breakfast is still the most important meal of our day, not only nutrition-wise but to set the tone for the day. As working women, we need that for better concentration at work and for more energy to tackle the rest of our chaotic days.

Kristen Asleson is owner of Midwest Virtual Assistants. Send comments and ideas to news@postbulletin.com.