A Rochester manufacturer recently paid a fine of $22,675 for failing to “meet several air quality and hazardous waste permit requirements in 2019 and 2020.”

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency levied the fine against Crenlo Engineered Cabs after an investigation.

Crenlo primarily makes cabs for heavy industrial vehicles and tractors. It employs 325 people at its 2501 Valleyhigh Drive NW facility.

The MPCA investigation found that Crenlo:

  • Failed to keep an updated emergency contingency plan, including providing hazardous waste training for staff.

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  • Failed to maintain an updated list of emission and emission control equipment.

  • Failed to keep inventory records of coatings and solvents.

  • Missed several reporting deadlines.

  • Failed to update an operation and maintenance plan.

  • Failed to properly calculate and maintain hazardous air pollutant emission records.

  • Failed to keep records of required weekly hazardous waste container and storage area inspections.

In addition to paying the penalty, MPCA stated that Crenlo has completed a series of corrective actions “to ensure the facility will operate in compliance with its air quality and hazardous waste permit requirements.”