Your Job: Business tags customers with style

Rich Jeffrey runs Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping in Rochester.

Cushmeer and Darci Moore

Age:39 (Darci) and 40 (Cushmeer)

Job:Owners of Swagg Tagg

Company:Swagg Tagg is an extreme clothing store. Our primary mission is to bring hip, hot clothing to Rochester for all genres of people yet keep our prices affordable. Add a little fun to people's wardrobes. We would like to expand and offer a chain of stores in local communities such as Mankato, Austin and Winona in the future.

Education:Cushmeer has a degree in cabinet making, and Darci is pursuing a business management degree.


Experience:Our employment background has nothing to do with the business we run. Darci has spent the past 10 years working in technical sales and Cushmeer's work has mostly been in construction related fields.

What book, website, television show or movie has left a big impression on you within the past year:My favorite website right now is Hootsuite. I am a busy professional, business owner and mother and I love Hootsuite because it lets me stay in touch with my customer base without consuming a lot of my time each day.

Do you use social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter?Absolutely. Networking sites are a great way to communicate with our customer base. Most (not all) of our customers are young adults or teens, so using Facebook and Twitter allows Swagg Tagg to interact directly with them in a forum they already use and it's free.

What’s your business philosophy, if you could distill it to one paragraph?To treat each customer like family. We make it a habit to visit other locally owned small clothing stores in various communities and feel that aspect of business is missing in a lot of stores now. Many of our customers end up staying long after the sale is complete just chatting and we love that.

How did you get the idea for your business?My husband dresses "loudly" and was constantly getting comments on his style (aka swagg) so over the years we toyed around with the idea of opening a clothing store. In April 2010, my husband came home explaining to me that a local store had inquired if we would be interested in buying their shop and that ignited the fire again. We didn't opt to buy the other person's business but instead decided to open our own so we could create it with our own vision. Three months later, we opened Swagg Tagg.

What's the meaning of the name to you? Swagg represents style — one's own individual style, and Tagg is just like the game of tag. We're tagging others with style — Swagg Tagg.

What do you find the most rewarding part of your job?The most rewarding part of my job is meeting all the new people. Watching their excitement for a business like this in Rochester and seeing the fruit of our labor. We pray that this turns into more than just a small business for us and one day intend to launch our own line of clothes.

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