Barry Kurtz is running for a city council seat in Adams. His name was omitted from a list of area city candidates published on Page 6B Monday. Marilyn Thorstenson is not up for re-election.


Also, Allen Christenson is seeking re-election to the Zumbro Falls City Council. His name was also omitted from the list. -----------------------------------------------------------

Two council seats open: Sharon Thiel (i), Marilyn Thorstenson (i) and Mark Anderson.

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Mayor: No one on ballot.

Two four-year council seats: Jeremiah J. Prigge and Yvonne Ruhoff.

A referendum on Sunday liquor: "Shall the city council be allowed to issue on-sale liquor license to restaurants and other food establishments as described in Minnesota Statute 340A.504 in the city of Altura for the sale of intoxicating liquor at retail on Sunday."


Mayor: Greg Majerus (i).

Two council seats: Todd Majerus (i) and Dan Howard (i).


Mayor: Tim Serres (i).

Two four-year council seats: Rick Voshart (i) and Gary Schulze (i).


Mayor, two-year term: Marv Foster (i), Don Larick and Mike Chavez.

Two four-year terms: Robb Luthe (i), Yvonne Godbout, David Pike.


Mayor: Greg Brandt (i).

Two four-year council terms: Chuck Skarie (i) and Ann Diercks.


Mayor: No one has filed.

Two council terms: No one has filed.

Cannon Falls

Mayor: Glenn Weibel (i) and Lynne Berg.

One two-year council term: Karl Hockmuth (i).

Three four-year terms: Gregg Otto, Michael Bateson (i), Lisa Wilcox-Erhardt (i), Charles Epps III, Robin Ebensteiner, Danielle Staley and Andrew Hochmuth (i).


Mayor: Donivee Johnson (i).

Two council terms: Cindy Shanks (i) and Carl Ernst.


Mayor: Curt Sorenson (i).

Three four-year council terms: Russ Smith (i) and Brenda Johnson (i).


Mayor, two-year term: Joseph Davidson (i).

Two four-year council terms: Dean Gray (i) and Anita Kern (i).


Mayor: Joe Gardner (i).

Two city council terms: Kathy Snyder (i), Bonnie Drake (i), Randy Stephenson and Diane Klingsfus.

Dodge Center

Two four-year council terms: Dick Connelly (i), Todd Suhr.


Mayor: Roger Ihkre (i).

Two four-year council terms: Joan Flury (i), Matt Elder (i) and Joe Diedrich.


Mayor: Rebecca Prebe (i).

Two council terms: Scott Jensen (i), Scott Scherbring.

Clerk: Betty Jo Rico,


Mayor, two-year term: Deb Crary.

Two council seats: Ron Krueger and Jo Ann Stahl; Stacy Mischke has said she will accept being a write-in candidate for the council.


Mayor: Dan Stur (i), Wes Bussel, Al Schuman and Norm Highum

Two four-year council seats: Tony Nelson, Ray Schuchard (i), Randy Renken.


Mayor: Richard Kujath (i).

Two council seats: Eleanor Stultz (i), David Gudmundson (i), Susy Junge and Chad Wangen.


Mayor: Arland Voth (i).

Two four-year council seats: Jerry Warran (i) and Kerry Bien (i).

One two-year term: Fritz Schulz.


Mayor: Jack Weimerskirch (i).

Two council terms: Dan Schneider (i), Leon Bowman and James Neeck.

Grand Meadow

Mayor two-year term: Jim Baudoin (i).

Two four-year council seats: Elaine Iverson (i) and Ken Sagert.


Mayor: Beverly C. Roche, David E. Adler, and Daryl Michow.

One council seat: Brandon R. Schwirtz .

City Clerk: Bonnie M. Gary.


Mayor, two-year term: David Kingsley.

Two four-year council seats: Linda Grover and Mark McKay (i).


Mayor, two-year term: Dave Santjer (i).

Two four-year council terms: Mary Peterson (i).


Mayor, two-year term: Mike Walsh.

Two four-year council seats: Cindy Pfiffner (i) and Rita Christianson.

One two-year council seat: Lance Ross (i), Kim Fordahl (i) and Laurie Sennes.


Mayor, two-year: Connie Krenzke.

Two four-year council seats: Fred Huhn (i), Francis VanGundy (i) and Jim Edwards.


Mayor, two-year term: Duane Burton (i).

Two four-year council seats: Kevin Worden (i) and Mike Marti.


Mayor, two-year term: Gary Gile (i), Frank Lee and Lonnie Larson.

Two four-year council seats: Pat Joseph Halverson (i), John Kruger, Marge Schreiber, Dave W. Ward and Jeanette Gile.


Mayor, two-year term: Thomas Thunhorst (i).

Two four-year council seats: Howard Homeier (i), Steven Loftness (i) Richard Nielsen and Brian Paulson.

La Crescent

Mayor, two-year term: Mike Poellinger (i) and Randi Harms Friedl.

Two four-year council seats: Dave Hanifl, Dale W. Williams (i), Ben Rudert (i) and Scott Lintelman.

Lake City

Mayor, four-year term: Katherine Cushing Ditmar, Jerry M. Dunbar, John Gruber, Katie Himanga and Ken Meyer.

Three four-year council seats: Roland "Mike" Johnson (i), Keith Draz, Tom Dwelle, Dawn Heitman, Erling Moe, Craig C. Moechnig, John Mortenson, Scott K. Peterson and Kandace Lichtblau-Tepley.


Mayor, two-year term: Steve Rahn (i) Jerome Halvorson Jr..

Two four-year council seats: Joe O'Connor (i), Thomas Dybing and J. T. Tuff.


Mayor, two-year term: Ed Koppen (i) and Ron Deike.

Two four-year council terms: Kathy Farlinger (i).


Mayor, two-year term: Dennis Engrav 9(i) Leland Rain.

Two four-year council seat: Richard Ahrens, Bruce Boynton, Scott Ludford (i) and Clifford Pierce (i).

Two two-year council seat: Robert Hawkings, Jerome Patzner Sr., Brian Prudoehl, Scott Rinn, and Dave Sommer (i).


Mayor, two-year term: Harold Rohne, Ricky Matter and Roger Miller.

Two four-year council seats: Betty Fisher (i) and Steve Baumann (i).

One two-year council seat: Jackie Holst, Carey Martin, and Ron Frank.


Mayor, two-year term: James Westby (i).

Two four-year council seats: No one has applied.


Mayor, two-year term: Diane Carlson (i) and Dick Swenke.

One two-year coucil seat: Lynnette Dahms and Ross Abel.

Two four-year council seats: Ben Ryker, Nathan Nord and Andrea Brannon (i).


Mayor for two years: Deb Frank (i).

Two four-year council seats: Dale Benson (i) and Scott Parker (i), Robert Beniak.


Mayor: Todd Cutting (i).

Two four-year council seats: Jackie Jacobson (i).

Clerk: No one has filed.


Mayor: Dan Thompson.

Two four-year council seats: Laura Swartout, Lisa Schossow and Lloyd "Bud" Tibor.

Minnesota City

Mayor: Donald O'Neil

One council seat: Richard Hohensee and David Kleinbach


Mayor, two-year term: Joy Bertsinger and Richard Nelson

One two-year council seat: Kevin McDermott (i).

Two four-year council seats: Dennis Blanck Jr., Jacqueline Hall and Thomas Novak.


Mayor: Linda L. Schwenn (i).

Two council seats: Kris J. Clark, Vernon Thompson and Jessie Vlasak.


Mayor: Richard Lee (i).

Two council seats: Beverly Klinski and Bill Grindland.

Pine Island

Mayor, two-year term: Paul Perry and Robin Rogers

Two four-year council seats: Jayne Krause (i), Josh Orchard, Michael R. Lunde, Richard D. Keane.


Mayor: Neil Weaver (i) and Pamela K. Schlegel-Medearis.

Two four-year council seats: Lee Peterson (i) and Cindy Eversman.

One two-year councilseat: Richard Sawyer (i)

Referendum: "Should the City of Plainview be authorized to issue on sale liquor licenses for hotels, clubs and restaurants to qualified private applicants, in addition to continuing operation of the existing municipal liquor store."


Mayor, two-year term: Kurt Reicks.

One two-year council seat: Robert E. Schultz and Steve Knoepke (i).

Two four-year council seats: Robert L. Sauer, Sandra Benson, Patricia Gartner (i) and Jeremy Aug.


Mayor, two-year term: Richard Gaffron (i)

Two four-year council seats: Geri Lehnertz, Bernard Dahl, Paul Seppa and Wayne Boettger.

Rose Creek

Mayor: Kent Ulwelling.

Two council seats: Pete Kuhlmann and Wendell Sprung.

Rushford Village

Mayor: Gordon Johnson (i).

Two four-year council seats: Dennis Overland (i), Roger Ekern (i).

Treasurer: Karen Petersen (i) Stacy Vogen-Johnson.


Mayor: Write-in.

City council: Write ins.

Spring Grove

Mayor, two-year term: Pearl Holland (i) and Heather Gray.

Two four-year council seats: Karen Folstad, Lisa Morken and Duane Olerud.

Spring Valley

Mayor: Jim Struzyk (i).

Two council seats: Jack Zierdt (i) and Bill Bires (i).

St. Charles

Mayor: Bill Spitzer and Arly Hamman (i)

Two council seats: Wayne Getz (i), John Schaber (i) Mike Ellsworth, Steve Herrick, Terry Grubbs, Dan Nicklay, Marianne Gartner and Mary Blohm.

Treasurer: Clayton Wiskow


Mayor, four-year term: Chuck Murphy; there is a write-in campaign for Hal Harris.

Two four-year council seats: Greg House (i) and Dick Uptagrafft (i) and Daniel Ware.

Two-year council seat: Bob Carlson (i) and Jeremy Himli.


Mayor, two-year term: Jack Roberts and Steve Cook; there is a write-in campaign for Lee Henry.

Two four-year council seats: Mark Potter (i), Lisa Gibbs and Rick Przytarski.


Mayor: James Kiefer (i).

One council seat: Write-in.

Clerk: Mary Huntley.


Mayor, two-year term: Alexander (Sandy) Henry and Ronald Schultz.

Two four-year council seats: Gary Sanders and Steve Welscher.


Ward 1: Catherine Gallenberger and Douglas Keim.

Ward 2 : Joe Carlson (i).

Ward 3: Jim Roemer (i).


Mayor, two-year term: Eric Nelson (i).

Two four-year council terms: Ron Berg (i) and Ryan Holmes.

West Concord

Mayor, two-year term: Janis Ray (i) and Burton Boe.

Two four-year council seats: Ray Fix (i), Philip Lermon and Carl Martin.


Mayor: Write-in.

Two council seats: Margaret Chiglo (i) and Dave Rahn (i).


Mayor, two-year term: Michael Holzer.

Two four-year council seats: Tim Grabau (i) and Krista Affeldt-Bacon.

Zumbro Falls

Mayor: Alan D. VanDewalker.

Two council seats: Kelly Preble and Kathy Solomonson.

City clerk: Marilyn Preble.


Mayor, four-year term: Rich Bauer (i).

Two four-year council seats: Dave Benson (i) Deb Wilkinson (i) Willard Eberhart and Peter Lex.