Details for SUMMARY OFBOARD MINUTESProceedings of the Olmsted County Board of Commissioners

Proceedings of the Olmsted County Board of Commissioners held on January 21, 2020 at 3:00 PM in the Council/Board Room at the Government Center.
The Olmsted County Board of Commissioners met on the above date with the following Commissioners present: Bier, Brown, Kiscaden, Podulke, Flynn, Thein, and Wright.
Chairperson Jim Bier called the meeting to order.
Appr Cnsnt Agenda:
1/7/2020 Minutes Appr Res 20-24
Appr Res 20-25
Appr Res 20-26
Appr Res 20-27
Appr Res 20-28
Appr Res 20-29
Appr Res 20-30
Appr Res 20-31
Appr Res 20-32
Appr Res 20-33
Appr Res 20-34
Appr Res 20-35
Appr Res 20-36
Appr Res 20-37
County Highlight
Brd/Cmtee Rpts
Olmsted Co. Building Auth Annual Meeting
Olmsted Co. Regional Rail Auth Annual Meeting

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