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1921: Electric lights now over ice rink

Highlights from 1996, 1971, 1946 and 1921.

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1996 25 years ago

  • The Rochester Mayo High School’s debate team has performed very well this season. The team of all juniors includes Courtney DeLorme, Barry Klann, Sarah Martin and Jared Salk.
  • Construction work by Mayo Medical Center and IBM Rochester dominated building activity last month. Mayo began building a $1.1 million cafeteria for visitors at Saint Marys Hospital. IBM Rochester started working on alterations and expansion of its industrial waste water treatment plant.

1971 50 years ago

  • A small 20-member 4-H club in Marion Township started the ball rolling and has gotten 11 other clubs involved in staging the first Olmsted County 4-H Christmas Bazaar.
  • Rochester State Hospital officials have requested $668,000 in improvement funds for the 1973-75 biennium for renovations, remodeling, and improvements to the hospital facilities.

1946 75 years ago

  • If the coal strike continues and no further supplies are obtained, the University of Minnesota will be forced to remain shut down after the holiday break.
  • About 250 people attended a get-together and welcome for the Rev. Richard Barden, the new pastor of the St. Charles Catholic Church.
  • The afternoon KWNO radio lineup includes "Dick Tracy," "Terry and the Pirates" and "Sky King. "

1921 — 100 years ago

  • A team of horses, left standing in front of a meat market on North Broadway, took off down the street. The run came to a halt when the horses struck a Ford truck. The truck was badly damaged, and one of the horses suffered cuts on its legs.
  • The local public health nurse, Mary McKay, addressed the sociology class this morning at the Rochester Junior College on public health work in general.
  • The municipal skating rink will be opened tomorrow to the public. Electric lights have been strung across the top of the rink, making it possible for people to use the rink in the evening.
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