1922: 19 miles of pavement now in the city 

Highlights of events in 1997, 1972, 1947 and 1922.

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1997 — 25 years ago

  • The Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission has recommended that a new stadium for the Minnesota Twins should have a retractable roof.
  • The coffee bean market has the jitters as retail coffee prices have jumped. Coffee drinkers in the United States drink 5.8 billion gallons of coffee a year.

1972 — 50 years ago

  • Rochester John Marshall has three berths on the 1971-72 Southern Minnesota Hockey League all-star team. Defenseman Brad Sutton, Center Jim Radke, and wing Steve LeTourneau were selected. Rochester Mayo senior center Dick Greene was also chosen for the squad.
  • The Echo, student newspaper at Rochester State Junior College, has been awarded the seventh consecutive All-American rating by the Associated Collegiate Press.

1947 — 75 years ago

  • The “North-South” basketball classic between Hibbing Junior College and Rochester Junior College Yellowjackets will be played at the Mayo Civic Auditorium. It will be the season's final game for cCoach Joe Rockenbach’s team.
  • Rochester’s first shipment of baby chicks to Mexico City left on the Mid-Continent flight at 9:30 a.m. They will arrive in the Mexican capital before midnight. (Few chickens were raised in Mexico at the time, so chicken was a delicacy.

1922 — 100 years ago

  • During the past year, 3.14 miles of pavement was laid in the city of Rochester. This brings the total number of paved city streets to 19.2 miles.
  • An amateur band comprised of Rochester musicians will probably be the outcome of a meeting of musicians, both union and non-union, in the basement of the Salvation Army.
  • A new electric sign has been installed in front of the Norman Hotel. The Foster Electric Company completed the work.
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