1922: Dr. Charles H. Mayo to discuss cancer surgery

Highlights of events in 1997, 1972, 1947 and 1922.

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1972 – 50 years ago

  • According to JM Athletic Director Kerwin Engelhard, Rochester John Marshall basketball season tickets have been mailed out. The price of a season ticket is $7 for 10 home games.
  • Jody Laursen, 14, was awarded the U.S. Amateur Figure Skating Assn. gold medal. She now qualifies for the Upper Great Lakes Skating competition.

1947 – 75 years ago

  • Tomorrow’s teachers will have modern technology available to assist in teaching, thanks to developments in recording equipment. A student can now hear himself talk with new tape recorders – for the purpose of improvement.
  • A large assembly of Lutheran men and women from 45 churches in southeast Minnesota will meet in Rochester to discuss stewardship of time and talents and their responsibility for spiritual influence in the community.
  • The Mississippi Valley official’s association will meet in Plainview to discuss high school basketball rules. Plainview athletic director Vernon Herman will lead the discussion.

1922 – 100 years ago

  • In the first weekly talk of the season, Dr. Charles H. Mayo told a capacity crowd in the White Temple auditorium that cancer must be taken by surgical treatment in its initial stages to effect a cure, but a delay is often fatal.
  • Fifty-seven members from southeast Minnesota attended the first session of the newly organized banking class. The sessions will meet once a week for seven months.
  • The Pine Island League of Women Voters held their regular meeting in the public library. A splendid program was presented.
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Highlights of news reported in 1998, 1973, 1948 and 1923.