1923: St. Olaf Choir to perform in Rochester

Highlights of news reported in 1998, 1973, 1948 and 1923.

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1998 – 25 years ago

  • Lt. Col. Dave Grindle, divisional commander for the Salvation Army in Rochester, was presented with the Salvation Army's "Others" Award. The "Others" award represents the spirit of selfless giving.
  • Rushford-Peterson defeated Sleepy Eye 64-47 to win third place in the state Class A boys basketball tournament.

1973 – 50 years ago

  • Rochester Methodist has started construction of a $18.8 million 10-year facility expansion.
  • A judge sentenced G. Gordon Libby, described as the mastermind of the burglary and bugging of the Democratic headquarters, with a fine of $40,000 in addition to a sentence that ranged from a minimum of six years eight months to 20 years.

1948 – 75 years ago

  • An ultra-luxurious, special extra-long wheelbase Studebaker Land Cruiser is now available for customers. It is America's first nylon-upholstered car. The front seat of the new Studebaker model is adjustable.
  • At Montgomery Ward, the Riverside Supreme, rayon, white sidewall, quality tire sells for $13.75 apiece for the size 6.00-16.
  • The Senate armed service committee supported President Truman's call for steps to immediately build up America's military forces. (Truman instituted a military draft on July 20, 1948, with a call for 10 million men to register for military service. This action resulted from increasing Cold War tensions with the Soviet Union.)

1923 – 100 years ago

  • Mr. J. H. Day, deputy commissioner of agriculture, will speak at the formal dedication exercises of the Eyota consolidated school on April 5.
  • The St. Olaf Choir will perform this Sunday in a concert at the Rochester armory. The choir's outstanding reputation throughout the country always draws a large crowd wherever it performs.
  • A Rochester man arrested for intoxication was given his choice in court of paying a fine of $10 or spending three days in jail. He expressed a preference for the rest period.
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