1946: President Truman signs 'GI sweetheart bill'

The bill allowed foreign women engaged to American war veterans to enter the country to be married.

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1996 — 25 years ago

  • The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is considering opening Foster Arend Lake near Rochester to year-round fishing and trout harvest beginning March 1, 1997.

1971 — 50 years ago

  • Paul Giel, sports director for WCCO Radio, and Jan Johnson, former Queen of the Lakes in 1969, will share the job presiding over the upcoming Miss Winona Pageant.
  • CBS and Walter Cronkite concluded their two-part report on American prisoners of war in North Vietnam. The final report concentrated on the discouraged and worried families of the men.

1946 — 75 years ago

  • President Truman signed legislation that will increase Army and Navy pay 50% for the lower ranks. Pay rates will now be per month: privates, $70; corporals, $80; and sergeants, $100.
  • Actress Rita Hayworth will have her portrait painted on the Bikini atomic bomb, which will soon be dropped and tested. Hayworth said she feels very honored.
  • President Truman signed the “GI sweetheart bill,” permitting foreign women engaged to American war veterans to enter the country to be married.

1921 — 100 years ago

  • After three years of experiments, a patriotic red, white and blue corn has been produced.
  • Anticipation is building around the country for the upcoming “Fight of the Century” between world heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey and world lightweight champion George Carpentier. (80,000 people witnessed the fight, which was held outside in New Jersey on July 2 — Dempsey knocked out Carpentier in the fourth round.)

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