1972: 1,362 rabies shots given to dogs and cats

Highlights of events in 1997, 1972, 1947 and 1922.

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1997 — 25 years ago

  • The 86-room Fairfield Suites Hotel proposal in Rochester has received the green light. Construction of the hotel on Second Street near Saint Marys Hospital will start in September.

1972 — 50 years ago

  • 1,362 dogs and cats were given rabies shots at 14 rabies clinics in Rochester and Olmsted County. The clinics were sponsored by county veterinarians and the County Health Department.
  • The St. Paul Civic Center is offering its new arena in downtown St. Paul to the Minnesota State High School League for the 1973 hockey tournament for a fee of $1.00. (The 1973 tournament was played at the Metropolitan Sports Center).
  • Erwin and Frances Brennan of Viola were crowned Gopher County king and queen at the 98th Viola Gopher County celebration.

1947 — 75 years ago

  • President Harry Truman’s address in historic Nassau Hall at commencement exercises of Princeton University will be broadcast on KWNO Radio. (Nassau Hall was built in 1756 and survived occupation by British troops and battles during the American Revolution on the College of New Jersey grounds – which is now Princeton University).
  • Einer Morgenson, Rochester industrial arts instructor, is the new commander of the first district of the American Legion.

1922 — 100 years ago

  • Rochester will host several hundred motorcyclists for a two-day event. The events will be held at the fairgrounds. The main event is a hill-climbing contest for the championship of Minnesota.
  • A world championship wrestling bout will occur at the Metropolitan Theater in Rochester. Ed “Strangler” Lewis will take on challenger Elmer Sanders of Ashland, Wisc. Besides the world title, the winner will also possess the $10,000 diamond championship belt. (Lewis successfully defended his title).
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