1972: 100-year-old Old Stone Church near Kenyon restored

Highlights of events in 1997, 1972, 1947 and 1922.

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1997 — 25 years ago

  • The Rochester Mayo High School girls basketball team finished as the third-ranked team in the nation in the final national high school poll.
  • St. Paul Mayor Norm Coleman was in Rochester to plug the new hockey franchise and the new St. Paul arena.
  • High-energy rockers Molly and the Makers will kick off this season’s Down by the Riverside concert series in Mayo Park.
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Highlights of events in 1997, 1972, 1947 and 1922.
Highlights of events in 1997, 1972, 1947 and 1922.

1972 — 50 years ago

  • The Old Stone Church, built-in 1871 by members of the Hauge Lutheran Church in Kenyon Township, has been restored. Once each year, the church comes to life when services in the Norwegian language are held.
  • Musicland in Rochester had an anniversary sale. The latest 8-track tapes of Donny Osmond, Judy Collins, Al Green, and Creedence Clearwater Revival sell for $4.99 each.

1947 — 75 years ago

  • Hundreds of persons throughout the west reported seeing mysterious bright, saucer-like discs high in the day sky. In Portland, Ore., police were swamped with calls.
  • Record crowds at St. Charles and Lake City attending Fourth of July festivities. In Lake City, there was a three-mile swim across Lake Pepin to highlight the celebration.

1922 — 100 years ago

  • The Heffron High School of Rochester is now accredited by the state. Graduates will now be admitted to higher learning institutions without taking entrance examinations.
  • The new Teton Mountain route from Lander, Wyo. to Yellowstone Park is now open. A new booklet is hot off the press entitled “Teton Mountain Route to Yellowstone National Park.”
  • The Rochester banks reported that the Canadian exchange rate has advanced from 2 percent to 3 percent.
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Highlights of events in 1997, 1972, 1947 and 1922.