1972: George Wallace, Alabama governor, shot

Highlights of events in 1997, 1972, 1947 and 1922.

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1997 – 25 years ago

  • Six Rochester Boy Scouts and three of their leaders will head to Grand Forks, N.D. to assist in the flood clean-up in residential areas.
  • John Marshall hockey coach Bruce Frutiger and Rockets boys basketball coach Jeff Wells have been named to coach those sports at Century High School.

1972 – 50 years ago

  • George Wallace, the governor of Alabama and presidential candidate, was shot at an outdoor political rally in Maryland. (Wallace would spend several months in the hospital, which would end his presidential bid. He became permanently paralyzed from the waist down).
  • Rochester State Junior College students engaged in a peaceful demonstration against the Vietnam War in front of local military recruiting stations.

1947 – 75 years ago

  • Harold Stassen was endorsed by the Minnesota Veterans Republican League for the GOP presidential nomination. He is known as a statesman and leader qualified and capable to solve the nation’s problems.
  • A special service of dedication was held at the Eyota Methodist Church. “The Lord’s Land” will be the sermon subject.

1922 – 100 years ago

  • One-way bus fares to and from Minneapolis and St. Paul from Rochester have dropped to $4. The $1 drop in price makes the bus the cheapest mode of transportation between here and the cities.
  • Mrs. J. F. Cook won the first prize in the guessing contest at the Grand Café. Cook’s guess of 2,611 kernels of popcorn in a glass jar was only off by one kernel. She will be entitled to a coat or dress to the value of $45 at the Massey company store.
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Highlights of events in 1997, 1972, 1947 and 1922.
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Highlights of events in 1997, 1972, 1947 and 1922.
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