1997: Chicago Great Western Railway depot moved to its original site

Highlights of events in 1997, 1972, 1947 and 1922.

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1997 — 25 years ago

  • The Chicago Great Western Railway depot, built-in 1899, was moved from its temporary site next to the Rochester Public Utilities power plant to its original location along the Zumbro River at Fourth Street Southeast. The successful move took six hours.

1972 — 50 years ago

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Highlights of events in 1997, 1972, 1947 and 1922.
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  • The Supreme Court held 5-4 that the death penalty violates the constitution and cannot be imposed as it is now used in the United States.
  • A Grand Meadow reunion for all classes from 1904 to 1972 will be held. More than 350 persons are expected to attend.
  • The television series Star Trek, which was canceled in 1969, is still alive and well, with Star Trek conventions around the country drawing big crowds.

1947 — 75 years ago

  • The University of Minnesota regents will hold their July meeting on the campus of the new Duluth branch of the University. (In 1947, the Minnesota legislature approved the Duluth State Teachers College becoming the Duluth branch of the University).
  • A pigeon from the loft of Norman Pieper of Milwaukee winged an average of 50 miles an hour to win the 500-mile Milwaukee Western Concourse pigeon race.
  • Rochester took first place in the Wabasha County baseball league with an 11-2 victory over Millville. Dave Vine and Paul Hamm each had three hits for Rochester.

1922 — 100 years ago


  • At the Lewiston Co-op Trading Co., oranges are 60 cents a dozen; pork and beans in tomato sauce is 20 cents a can, and olives in mason jars are 45 cents.
  • The Light-Six Studebaker’s price is $1,045 for the Touring and Roadster models and $1,750 for the Sedan at W. E. Small in St. Charles.
  • A new battery for your Ford automobile, guaranteed for 12 months, is on sale for $16.95 at the Lewiston Battery Station opposite the depot.
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Highlights of events in 1997, 1972, 1947 and 1922.
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