Austin man finishes 11th in USA Mullet Championships

Curtis Wilson, 29, of Austin, has spent the last three years growing out his "business in front, party in the back" hairstyle. This year, he entered the USA Mullet Championships where he was a finalist and finished 11th in voting.

Curtis Wilson started growing his hair out three years ago for his great-aunt that passed away from cancer. He's currently a finalist in the USA Mullet Championships. Contributed / Curtis Wilson

AUSTIN -- An Austin man finished 11th in this year's USA Mullet Championships.

Curtis Wilson, 29, was one of 25 finalists and finished with 3,336 first-place votes. Voting finished Sunday, Aug. 29, and the results were announced Aug. 31 on the USA Mullet Championships' Facebook page. More than 100,000 votes were submitted; the first place winner receiving 17,534 votes.

Wilson has been growing his mullet for the last three years. He started it in honor of a great-aunt who had died from cancer.


Wilson told the Post Bulletin on Aug. 23 that no matter the result of the competition, he has no plans to cut his 14-inch mullet any time soon . He's getting married in May and "it's going to be making it in the wedding," he said.

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