1. Art is everywhere

Alexis Zaccariello, an art teacher at the Rochester Alternative Learning Center, explains what art means to her students and how the art room has become a safe haven for them in Tuesday's Asked & Answered.

2 . 100 days into things

It's been 100 days since new members joined the Rochester City Council. The rookies and “vets” tell us how it's going on Tuesday.

3. Sharing Answer Man enlightenment

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Readers have filled in some of the blanks regarding a now-abandoned house near Saint Marys Hospital. Answer Man shares what's he's learned on Tuesday.

4. Sad anniversaries

This week marks the 14th anniversary of the unsolved murder of April Sorensen. On Saturday, we'll tell you about an update Rochester police will be giving on the case as well as that of another unsolved murder, Robert Volgmann.

5. The best in area winter sports

The winter high school sports season is complete, with the state basketball championships having been settled on Saturday. That means it's time for the Post Bulletin's annual All-Area Teams. We'll honor southeastern Minnesota's best wrestlers, boys and girls basketball players, and boys and girls hockey players over the next two weeks.