1995 – 25 years ago

The Julia Belle Swain has docked in Levee Park in Winona. It is one of only six steam-powered boats still operating on the Mississippi River.

1970 – 50 years ago

The current best-selling fiction books are “Love Story,” by Erich Segal, “Deliverance” by James Dickey, and “The French Lieutenant’s Woman” by John Fowles.

Series “E” and “H” U.S. Savings Bonds are earning 5% interest, compounded semi-annually.

With an overwhelming voice vote and much applause, delegates to the Lutheran Church in America (LCA) convention shattered traditions and moved to admit women as ministers. The LCA has 3.3 million baptized members.

1945 – 75 years ago

Queen Elizabeth, the world’s fastest and largest passenger liner, arrived in New York harbor with 14,867 soldiers, sailors and Army nurses. The ship was given a thunderous harbor reception.

Cpl. Lester Rice, a member of Marine Corps amphibious forces, has been awarded the Bronze Star.

Seven Lewiston Girl Scouts and their leader, Rose Neuman, enjoyed a swimming party at Whitewater.

1920 – 100 years ago

Everyone is reminded that the Stars and Stripes should be lavishly displayed on July 4 and 5. The Stars and Stripes on every flag pole in southeast Minnesota is the desire of American Legion posts.

Hardwicks Milk and Cream Co. are offering a $10 reward for the arrest and conviction of any low-down sneak thief caught taking milk, cream or money from customers on its early morning routes.

Sympathizers with the cause of Irish freedom will be meeting in Rochester at Heffron High School. P. J. Scanlan, Rochester attorney, has been chosen as the temporary chairman.