1995 – 25 years ago

Three of four Americans distrust government, the most in polling history. The results suggest an opening for a strong third-party candidate.

The July heatwave caused the death of many chickens in the Midwest. Egg prices have jumped and a dozen eggs are now 90 cents.

1970 – 50 years ago

Chet Huntley retired from his career as a television newscaster. He will return to his home in Big Sky, Mont. (Huntley died from lung cancer in 1974).

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The number of Americans moving to Canada has doubled in the last decade, with draft-age immigrants leading the way.

Rock singer Janis Joplin failed to appear at a scheduled performance at the Minneapolis Armory. The show was rescheduled for Aug. 6, 1970. (Joplin also did not appear on Aug. 6. She died Oct. 4, 1970, at age 27).

1945 – 75 years ago

Food parcels provided by the American Red Cross were responsible for saving the lives of 4,300 prisoners in the camp where Staff Sergeant Jack Leaf, Winona, was held prisoner of war for 28 months. Leaf told his story to the local Rotary Club.

A woman bartender in Minnesota has filed suit to preserve her right to tend bar. A recently passed city ordinance bars women from tending bar. The woman filing the suit contends the ordinance is discriminatory and unconstitutional.

1920 – 100 years ago

Five hundred people will take part in an historic pageant at Red Wing. The story will tell of the area's "discovery" and the growth and development of the city. An old stagecoach, which saw service in Minnesota before railroads, will be on hand to be used in the pageant.

There seems to be a movement against the hand drying of dishes. To improve efficiency in households, it is said that dish-drying is unsanitary. The recommendation is to wash the dishes, put them in a rack, and let them dry themselves. Simple and efficient.