1995 – 25 years ago

Dayton’s Ridgedale will have a grand opening celebration with several events, including a performance by pianist Lori Line and the opportunity to meet Minnesota Twins star Dan Gladden.

1970 – 50 years ago

In some health departments across the country, long-haired males are being mandated to wear bathing caps if they wish to swim in city pools. If you bend your head down and your hair touches your chin, you need a bathing cap.

A Hiroshima Day Program will be held at the University of Minnesota to discuss “What Have We Learned” in the 25 years since the first use of nuclear weapons.

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A new ambulance purchased by the village of Lanesboro will be staffed by members of the Lanesboro volunteer fire department.

1945 – 75 years ago

President Truman announced today that the world's first atomic bomb was dropped earlier on Hiroshima, Japan. There is hope that the Japanese will now surrender. (The acute effects of the bomb in Hiroshima killed an estimated 135,000 people.)

Vernon Eskelson won the $15 first-place prize money in the 10th annual Rushford golf tournament. Eskelson shot a 36, 39, and 38 to win the title by two strokes.

1920 – 100 years ago

Posses of armed farmers under the direction of Sheriff Anton Osten continue to search cornfields east of Mankato. Three of the four men who robbed the Northwestern Railroad depot of $14 today have been captured. The posse will continue on the hunt for the fourth robber.

The new liquor prescription limit for physicians in Minnesota will be enforced by federal prohibition officers.